I’m Ophir Haberer

I am a Jerusalem-born facilitator, educator, body worker, somatic therapist, culinary artist, ritualist, poet, storyteller, and organizational consultant.  

I am one of the founder of Kinhood, a men’s care organization committed to growing the capacity for care that men receive and create, and have guided men’s work for over 5 years, facilitated for numerous organizations all over the country, and worked one-on-one with numerous male-identified and/or socialized folks. I helped pilot and direct MenschUp, the mens’ program for the Shalom Bayit, the Jewish Center for Domestic Abuse.

I trained with the Hakomi Institute and the Esalen Institute, and am working on the intersection of somatic therapy, body work, and ritual. 

My brother and I have been leading an online community for two years on ReWilding Judaism. I have played several roles for Wilderness Torah, center for Earth-based Judaism, including festival and leadership manager,  Sephardic, Mizrahi, and Jews of Color program provider and advisor, and member of the design council.

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