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Esalen Massage


For me, bodywork is a ceremony of care and attunement. I work with whole-body integration, so the parts of the body can remember they work as one large ecosystem. I make sure client feels tenderly held both before and during session to allow for deep rest and nervous system reset. I create a safe space for all emotions that come up for the client. 


I am currently seeing client in private in Sebastopol, CA (with possible San Francisco and East Bay from time to time). 

You can also book with me in the Bliss Organic Day spa in town. 


60 minute massage (specific focus) 

75 minute (standard flow) 

90 minute deep flow 


Somatic Guide

Sessions are anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes. They include grounding into the body, awareness of what’s happening in the physical and emotional body, and presence and support for the possibility of transformation. 

I also offer 75-90 minute couples session or for any two people in relationship. 


Men's Coaching

I offer 1-on-1 support for men. I have an 8-week starting journey structured through the 8-shields cultural emergence model combining different modalities I work with.

Rites-of-Passage Ritual

I offer ritual creation for different threshold moments including, but not limited to journey into marriage, journey into fatherhood, and transition (death/rebirth) rituals for relationship and job transitions

Holistic Catering for Events and Retreats

I cater retreats and events in Northern California fusing Middle Eastern and North African cuisine with Ayervedic, nutrion-based, Californian cuisine using local, organic, and wild ingredients. 

Consulting for Program Design

I have worked with numerous organizations throughout the past years in creating and refining programs. I support individuals and organizations in creating engaging, effective, inclusive programming. 

Guest Educator

I serve as guest facilitator for mens’ organizations, Jewish organizations, non-profits, and youth organizations.


Below, you can find a list of workshops I have offered. 


Classes & Workshops

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Sebastopol, CA 

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